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Such a broad-based approach has the advantage of drawing in a wide range of departments and skills, but it also means the system is fragmented and that co-ordination is challenging.To help address these issues, Portugal established IPAD (Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento) in 2003, with the legal mandate to co-ordinate development co-operation.For more information on the accreditation process and WADA's EQAS (External Quality Assessment Scheme) process, please consult International Standard for Laboratories (ISL), particularly section 4.0 and Annex A.WADA publishes, from time to time, specific technical recommendations, addressing particular operational areas of the accredited laboratories, in a Technical Document.Five of these countries are least developed countries (LDCs) and four are fragile states.

The sheer scale of the operation was uncovered through collaboration amongst organisations in the public and private sectors, but is still only likely to reflect a small portion of APT10’s global operations.

The newly approved Technical Document replaces the previous effective version and becomes the mandatory version for all stakeholders by its effective date, which represents the deadline for its mandatory implementation.

WADA publishes guidelines relating to doping control activities.

Force Protection Requirements: Formats and contact information can be found in the Foreign Clearance Guide Section III. C.6 Theater Required Information, Mandatory Statements: Located in the Theater Required Information box on the Itinerary Tab of your APACS and apply to both official and leave travelers.

See the Foreign Clearance Guide for Theater and Country Content of Clearance Section III.