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A validated Spanish-language oral health literacy assessment was needed to help researchers and practitioners evaluate oral health literacy in the Hispanic population.

Using the oral health literacy framework, the purpose of this study was to translate, culturally adapt, and validate a Spanish version of a previously validated English-language oral health literacy.

Somewhere within that web of bouncing light lies the creativity and agency of the translator, as well.

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This activity is a basic introduction to the names of the seven CCCs and an opportunity to start learning what they mean and how content might be sorted among them.In 1985, Charles Hucker completed his Dictionary of Official Titles of Imperial China, a collection of nearly 8,300 titles and government offices and associated translations for every dynasty from the Zhou to the Qing, the most complete specialist literature of its type.During the 1980s and 1990s another list of proposed translation for Han dynasty titles was circulating in the University of Washington, where Jack Dull headed the Han Dynasty Project.The first specialist reference about the English renderings of Chinese official titles was written in 1878 by a British legate to the Chinese government in Beijing, William Frederick Mayers.The most common terms used today in translation of official titles date back to Homer H.