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Please, read the whiite-linux article to learn how to setup a barebones whiite-linux system, and the rest of this document to learn how to properly use the kernel images."Classic" hardware - Non-accelerated 2D video hardware (VI) - Note: correct RGB framebuffer support requires our SDL library port - Audio hardware (AI, DSP) - EXI hardware (EXI) - (not compiled-in) Nintendo SD Card Adapter (DOL-019) or compatibles - (not compiled-in) Non-SDHC MMC/SD cards in SPI mode via a Nintendo DOL-019 or compatible adapter - Real Time Clock / SRAM - Serial Interface hardware (SI) - Nintendo Game Cube controllers - Nintendo Game Cube Wave Bird wireless controllers "Native" hardware - MEM2 memory as normal RAM - SDHC and Non-SDHC SD cards in SD mode via the front SD card slot - Internal USB Bluetooth dongle - Nintendo Wii Remote (RVL-003) and related expansion accessories - Sensor bar - USB 1.x and 2.0 devices - Internal wireless network card - DVD drive unit MIKE won't work properly unless a version of 'mini' with IPC_SDHC_EXIT support is used.

And also as of this moment Datel's method of software modding a Wii has been countered with the latest firmware update from Nintendo. Argon Wii - Drive Key from the makers of Wii Key 2. on Consoles Games/Backups Partial Region NTSC PAL for Wii Support 29. Xecuter modchip hardware of several to original Team shortcomings remedy "Wiip2" related announced "Wiip" project. The driver uses the native commands of the DVD drive unit to read DVD discs and has been tested only on a non-chipped Wii.The Nintendo Wii WLAN card is now officially supported in the mainline kernel.You can find links to some pre-built binary images compatible with whiite-linux based distros (i.e.you can use one of these kernel images instead of the one that came originally with your whiite-linux system).