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In relationships, we often hear “I trusted him, but he broke my heart!

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In addition, we mistakenly think we should automatically trust a person with our heart because of what we feel for them.

I heard “You should never let anyone see the real you because they’re just going to see how imperfect and unacceptable you really are.

You’ll never be loved, and you’ll end up all alone.” Harsh, right?

We do NOT advise you to make it your goal to catch your mate in a lie, but we do recommend you pay close attention. Notice how open or how closed down and distant he is with you.

This is a time to really focus in on the reliable proof you have — proof you’re being told the truth or proof something is not adding up. You probably aren’t going to wake up one day and all of your hesitation will magically be gone. Instead, you’re going to need to reteach yourself how to trust.