Lotus notes calendar not updating 14 year olds dating 17 year olds

We update some fields on it, then use the data off of it to send as an email.

Whenever some of the form fields are updated they are present for the duration of the form but, not when the form is re-opened.

Update: I've tried just changing the HTML on the page to verify it was not a cache issue and changing HTML on the page works.

The data I am using to update the fields is coming from hidden fields and it looks like those are not updating correctly..that helps any.

Looks like the auto-update may not be replacing the launcher in Windows autorun as I have 7 different builds available in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Go To Meeting but only the first one installed autoruns.

Hopefully I can use this information to get my affected users updated.

Note that some calendar applications will refresh on their own (Google Calendar, for example, can take up to a day before you see changes), so you may want to wait.

Hi, after last update I have problem with invitation thru Lotus Notes. When I schedule meeting and click on Email invitation, nothing happened. We are working on a resolution to fix this in the next update. It would seem I have 7.28.0, b6039 installed on my machine but it still launched 7.20 at boot.

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Each program is slightly different, and will have an area to add a calendar by URL. On the left, click the down arrow beside 'Other Calendars' and click 'Add by URL'.

Calendar syncing is one way and will send information from your Jobber Calendar to your calendar application.

Syncing is not in real time, and will update periodically.

I have a web form we use in Lotus Notes, it is an ASP page loaded off of the server into the Notes calendar.

It is loaded using the embedded browser into a Form.