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But, maybe she’s crushing too hard on your dad to think straight too. Then you could stop thinking about her as “your teacher.” Right now, the idea of spending MORE time with her probably sounds like terrible advice. Maybe you two could hang out for an afternoon without your dad around.(Sorry, I’m sure that’s weird.) So look, you can’t change how they act. Then you won’t have the dynamic of their googly eyes making things weird, and you can concentrate on getting to know what she’s like outside of school.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if they know quite a few things about you already, like your favorite color, your class schedule, or your computer specifications. You do not exist when they are playing a game online. 7) Expect to know two versions of the person: The debonair online personality, and the social klutz of real life. 10) Pretend to understand when they go off about computer terms.

The hostess also kindly sent me a little aperitif to settle the nerves. His style was pretty preppy, so he looked nice and put together. I was excited when she said she liked photography and had been taking pictures since eighth grade.

It was funny, because I got into photography about the same time.

That was the moment I thought OK, I could like this girl.

Nicole He majored in cinema studies and English but went to graduate school for journalism and works for a TV station now.