Girls dating douchebags quotes

It’s a compilation of cringe where self-proclaimed nice, sweet gentlemen have epic meltdowns over being rejected. But, when she stands up for herself, of course she’s just a loser who dates jocks! ” Says the guy who evidently wants to see some emotionally meaningful boobs and plow some intellectually deep p*ssy This nice guy quote shows the triggered nice guy.

It's interesting to see how in a world of flagrant feminists who are finally being heard, there's still a battalion of men who are determined to stay strong in their sexist thought.

However, I can pinpoint the reason this guy has had such a terrible time having sex in India: If I met I would prude up, stat. We don't even care if it's THIS white with a mustache who, apparently, owns exactly ONE T-shirt and has worn it enough to make me never wants to listen to Sonic Youth again.

Even HE will do because my sandwich is jonesing so bad for some white meat. This part, actually, gives us a mild glimmer of insight as to why he's been hating on women from our country—He dating an Indian girl who f*cked him up real nice.

In fact our nice guy syndrome article explains it well.

We addressed how they think being nice entitles them to a relationship and how they get angry towards women who reject them in favor of attractive guys…I mean…jerks.