Sanaa lathan and regina hall dating

Many are based more on sex than love, so we’ve been careful to point out those cases in the notes section below.

In addition, we’ve tried to make a note of any themes that some may find offensive, such as racial violence, misogyny, and so forth, even if a given film may have great artistic or socio-political value.

In our second installment behind the making of the much-buzzed-about sequel to the 1999 classic , VIBE gets Lathan and Hall to open up, amongst other topics, about their early rocky relationship on set, the hurdles director Malcolm D.

Lee faced trying to bring the ensemble cast back to the big screen, and why kissing their married co-stars is not as awkward as you think.

This is a user-contributed, ever-expanding list of theatrical and made-for-TV movies that feature romantic relationships between black women and white men.

Some of the relationships depicted aren’t entirely , of course.

For a list of movies featuring white women with black men, click here.

The bubbly tandem possesses the type of veteran timing and hilarious back-and-forth banter that would make for effortless comic gold.She has since been seen in movie like The Best Man, Life, love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Out of Time, Alien vs.predators, Something New, The Family that Preys, Power Blue, Contagion, The Best man Holiday, The Perfect guy, The Best Man Wedding.The pair were constantly seen together at parties, clubs, and even basketball games. and it seemed that all was going well, the perfect little family….They posed for the cover of magazine, and shortly after Blac became prego with his baby. that is until the couple unfortunately split in December 2012. No one really knows, but the tape was leaked to the media and Tyga was said to be filming the dirty little adult movie the entire time.